Race Across America

Corporate Documentary

The world’s toughest bicycle race goes 5.000 miles across the United States of America. We followed 8 racers on their way to become the best European team at RAAM 2017. Both, riders and crew members sweated like dogs and our cameras were running constantly. From the brutal heat in Arizona, through the breathtaking Monument Valley to the green meadows of Maryland - RAAM is quite an experience. Overall, four films and two epic trailers have been produced. 3 episodes were shot during the training period in Mallorca, Spain showing the team while gaining miles for the big challenge. To boost everyones’ anticipation for RAAM an epic trailer has been produced. The final film was shot on location in 12 states of the US. It shows the mind and body-challenging 5.000-miles-ride of team metafinanz from Oceanside to Annapolis.

Director, Editor & Sound Designer.
Official Selection at Filmed by Bike Festival 2017 in Portland, Oregon.
Photographic Documentation

We captured this outstandig adventure in high-quality photographs. A selection was printed into a calender which has been sent to all sponsors and clients of metafinanz. Use your scrollbar to enjoy a breeze of adventure with these exclusive excerpts.