Jerkwater Town

Short Film

Hansi needs to rob his former home, the shabby German village Jerkwater Town – much to the dislike of leader Fritz. Jerkwater Town is a short film which I have written, directed, post produced, promoted and also acted in. It started out as my bachelor thesis and now became an awarded short film playing on film festivals around the world.

A Production Made in Germany

The film was shot during November / December 2016 with a crew of 30 professionals and an international cast in southern Germany close to the city of Ansbach. American actor Marshall Titus traveled to the German outback to play the role of John.

7 days
97 hours
100% teamwork
Cross-Media Promotion

Jerkwater Town's promotion campaign features common social media platforms, a specially designed website, a unique behind the scenes book plus a successful crowdfunding campaign. Our facebook followers were given several insights inside the making of the movie with exclusive video contents.

30 video postings
80.000 visitors
Successful Crowdfunding

The whole budget was funded within a successful crowdfunding campaign. Our supporters received specially designed merchandising products like books, branded towels and bags as well as the original screen used post-apocalyptic car that was entirely built by a crew of passionate car manufacturers for the film.

35 days
84 supporters
108% funding
The Making of Jerkwater Town

Our Supporters received an exclusive look behind the scenes with this specially designed book. 72 pages, well-crafted with passion.

72 pages
Layflat bond
Behind the Scenes

It requires a lot of manpower to realize a professional short film. Go behind the scenes of my film Jerkwater Town and get an exclusive look on the making of this post-apocalyptic drama.