POSTED: 16/03/2018

Will the encounter with death change our relationship to it?
My new film tells a story about a guy who works at night in a hospice. A hospice is a special hospital for people who are dying, where their practical and emotional needs are dealt with as well as their medical needs. We followed our protagonist on his daily work routine as well as his private life in the Austrian mountains. The film is going to be premiered in spring 2019. For now, enjoy these amazing photos from behind the scenes taken by Sandra Laber.


POSTED: 01/12/2017

A visual summary of my work for the software company Datev.
The cooperative Datev eG is a German software company and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers. I created several corporate films and photographs and designed a consistent modern look and feel to promote Datev and itʼs CEOs as a leading German IT company that cares for their employees. The films are published on YouTube and watched by at least 7.000 Datev employees.


POSTED: 01/11/2017

#setlife has been awarded for „Best Film“ at the Instant36 Festival in Salzburg, Austria.
The challenge was to write, shoot and post-produce a short film within 36 hours. Our film tells the story of a young male model who is constantly being bullied by his fashion photographer. How long will it take until he will go nuts?


POSTED: 30/08/2017

Vamos a Madrid.
The Albrecht-Dürer-Airport Nuremberg has a new flight destination: Madrid. Therefore we went to the Spanish capital for a couple of days to shoot three commercials in total. The films are divided into different topics, which every travel lover can relate to - Food, nightlife and people. You’d better book your flight tickets!


POSTED: 17/06/2017

A tribute to Race Across Americas' Time Station 6.
This short film is highlighting a so called time station - a place where riders on the Race Across America can refresh theirselves during the 5.000 miles bike ride - in Congress, Arizona. Many folks across the country volunteer their time, generosity, & enthusiasm to help the riders through this grueling ordeal. The Bullshifters Cycle Club do it like no other.